Biyernes, Marso 29, 2013

Cooperative Learning Approach in Teaching Economics to Talented and Gifted Grade Six Pupils in Del Monte Central SPED School

Don Flaviano Elementary School
Talacogon East District, Agusan del Sur
17 March  2013


This paper seek to describe the significance of Cooperative learning approach in teaching economics in Grade six Social Studies .It answers to the following questions: What are the perceptions and behaviors of the teacher and the students on social studies instruction using the cooperative learning approach in teaching economics in Grade six Social Studies? What are the influences of cooperative learning approach to students’ learning and in teacher’s pedagogy? The participants in this study is the 34 pupils in Del Monte Central SPED School using workshop, interviews and class observation, trialing the planner lessons for observation. Results show off positive observations from the observer, school administrator, the volunteer teacher and the learners. Indeed, cooperative learning approach improves learners’ class participation, maximize student’s creativity and develop critical thinking skills which are the primary goals in the learning process. Moreover, teachers were able to convince that using cooperative learning as an approach in teaching and learning will turn classes more interesting in learning economics concepts. Meanwhile, Students easily grasp the concepts in group activities since interaction with peers give light for others as they worked collaborative and cooperatively.

Keywords: Cooperative Learning approach, teaching, learning, group activities

Note:  Abstract  was edited by our Professor  from original manuscript   and re posted here.

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