Sabado, Marso 31, 2012


Local Name        : Saltwater crocodile
Scientific Name  : Crocodylus porosus
Date Captured    : September 03,2011
Time Captured   : 11:00 Oclock PM
Location             : Magsagangsang 
                             creek,Brgy. Nueva  
                             Era, Bunawan,ADS.
Weight                : 1,075 kilos
Length                : 21 feet
Width                  : 3.5 feet

Cage Dimension          : 25 m. X 20 m.


 Allegedly responsible  for the attack & killed 11 years old Rowina last March 07,2009 & Mr. Navarro that was able to escape.Last June 21,2011,a fisherman name Daniel Auxtero of Campo 6, Nueva Era while putting bait on his fishing was found missing & assumed attack by croc. This person is an epiliptic patient.

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  1. I hope the people of Bunawan and the Agusan del Sur should unite to protect Lolong.The DENR Manila planning to transfer him in Manila.