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Want to be a Teacher?

I was inspired by the film, Dead Poets Society; it relates the story of an English professor John Keating when he arrives at a strict boy’s academy, and his unconventional teaching methods breathe new life into the curriculum steeped in tradition. With his wit and wisdom, Keating inspires his students to pursue individual passions and make their lives extraordinary. With this short movie synopsis, it tells that the teachers teaching styles can stimulate the students to pursue their individual dream and ambition from the example shown by teachers. In our context, I believe that the youth are not apparently challenged by the example of teachers today. The face of the Filipino Public school  teachers will be noted as  the most laborious work, low paying professionals, and less privileges and benefits.Moreover,it seldom to hear from a child that he/she personally want to become a teacher someday.
Most  of our best students are not really encouraged to become a teacher because there were no motivational factor that conditioned them to love the field of  teaching .Consequently, students have already knew the teachers daily lives and wrong  practices.
I personally agrees with Manalang (1977)* said that much of the teacher’s time was spent in filling out of forms and drafting reports. In this Manalang insight, teachers can lessen their instructional time with students just to accomplish bulk of paperwork.Moreover, we are governing with a lot of orders and memorandum. We always complained with the paperwork that has no significant used. and the school activities and evaluation that hindered us to teach our student frequently.
 Last Sunday, I happened to watch a TV documentary, aired on GMA 7, late night. It revealed that the percentage of LET passers is  seriously decreasing from 27.86% in 2009 to 15.44% in 2010 . As a result, to cope with the lacking numbers of teacher, even a non- LET passers is allowed to practice teaching.
Teacher Education course was listed as second in the CHED most known college courses. In fact, from 1994, it raised to 46.20% the number of students taking Education and Teaching Training in all universities and colleges nationwide.
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Dead Poets Society (Touchstone Pictures,Silver Screen Partners TV)
                 Directed by Peter Weir

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