Sabado, Pebrero 25, 2012

State of the Filipino Teachers

I’ve served as volunteer teacher since 2006 in five different schools mostly in far places. About five years of begging for a Teacher item to my supervisor and superintendent.
 My first assignment reminds me of my first learning the culture and system in the DepEd. I never imagine talking the class for almost all day, writing lesson plan everyday, filling out various forms, preparing the classroom for an evaluation and many works to mention. I personally agrees with Manalang (1977)* said that much of the teacher’s time was spent in filling out of forms and drafting reports.
As volunteer teacher that time, I merely received One Thousand Pesos as monthly honorarium from barangay. Sometime our salary delayed for one to three months. Teaching is really intricate job. No wonder why almost of my college male classmates, joined PNP for better job and good salary.
We considered teaching as devotion, more than of teaching and work. It is not truly an answer for intention to generate assets or to be rich person. According to Elena public school Teacher exposed that her one month salary is not apparently enough to support her family with three kids. She always applied loan in one of rural bank here in our locality to endow his sibling college education. She also sells different products as extra income or “sideline”. Actually, there are many like Ma’am Elena today.
Have you remembered the Filipino films, “Mila” or “Mga Munting Tinig”? It exposed teacher’s real life as professional yet mark as low paying professionals. Therefore, I would agree to the idea of  enhancing the quality of teacher should requires increase of salary and benefits because these will give us an opportunity for professional development, uplifting teachers’ morale, improved teachers life and enhanced quality of teaching.

*Culture of Obeisance. Excerpts (pp 33-35) from Bautista et als When Reforms Dont Transform: Reflections on institutional reforms in the Department of Education. HDN Discussion Paper Series (2008-2009)

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