Sabado, Pebrero 25, 2012

Speak English to Me!

       “Ma’am, asa ang opisina sa District Supervisor?”This is what I asked to one of the teacher I first met in the Principal’s Office in La Paz Central Elementary School last 2007 after I was requested to teach there for need of teachers.”What?” replied the teacher wearing an ID bearing “Speak English To Me”. Upon reading it, I immediately asked again in English before she answered me without uncertainty. I also noticed that all pupils also wearing ID with this tag. In this view, the school implements this policy as their best practice and promotion of the usage of English as medium of communication.
Our country has more or less ninety languages, others considered as dialects and we are united in one national language, Filipino.This figures signify the rich culture and heritage of the country. On the other hand, English is used as second language and use as medium of instruction in pursuant to Bilingual policy on education.
The idea of speaking English fluently became a threat to our mother tongue language. I believed that if student learned mostly the English language; they may love the culture of Americans. They may likely to unlearn our own language of course.
In my viewpoint, being one of the emerging countries, we inherit the values of colonial mentality. We tried to get by to the trends and times. With this, we forcedly learned English to be called as linguistically intelligent. As a result, National Achievement Test results revealed that Filipino was far comparing to English. In Lubuagan First Language Component studies shows that learners learned to read quickly when in their first language.
  Many countries in the world developed economically do not use English as their medium in communication, instruction, government and international correspondence. Actually, we could be globally competitive.

D.O. No.74 series 2009 dated July 14,2009,Institutionalizing Mother Tongue-Based
           MultiLingual Education(MLE)

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