Linggo, Pebrero 5, 2012

Poor pupils got poor education.

“Education is a vital weapon of the people striving for economic emancipation, political independence and cultural renascence, but we are such people”.
                                                     - Renato Constantino,Miseducation of the Filipino

Poverty is not the hindrance to succeed. This was the favorite line to inspired audience during graduation ceremonies. It reminds me of many pupils graduated every year and most of them came from underprivileged families. They studied in public schools, a combination class, multigrade class, or an IP school. They are termed as dumb, and a low student profile.
It is painful to say that it is really a reality, a fact but it does not mean that the majority of the poor are dumb. In my past school assignment, I have pupils who hiked 3 kilometers away from school. Sometimes they got absent and other dropped in the midst of the school year or become members in the roster of child labor.
How pupils become dumb? If teachers does not teach well because they give priority to volumes of paper works and physical improvement of their classroom? If DepEd assigned untrained teachers to multigrade schools instead of an experienced and trained teachers? If the school does not have enough facilities, infrastructure, instructional materials and technology? How pupils can able to relate and interpret lessons if they don’t have adequate food intake? How about a teacher teaching a subject not of his area of specialization? How can pupils learned in the school with a lot of school activities, celebrations, contests, festivals held monthly?
I think these dilemmas should be address first. The quality of instruction matters in producing quality learners. On the other hand, a parent has a great responsibility in nurture ing their child in the value of education.
In the end, many are victims of miseducation.Many educated people who are now in the positions become corrupt. There are educated I knew and brilliant but does not show off good moral.

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